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Brushed Metallic Braille Room Number Sign with Insert Window

Use (/) marks to indicate line breaks. If your custom text does not meet ADA requirements, we will contact you.*

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5.75" x 5.75" braille room number signs (3/8" thick) with brushed metal finish include a 2" high protected insert area that can be used for interchanging information as needed. Customize the header area of these signs to include tactile (raised) text and grade 2 braille.

Label medical offices, exam rooms, meeting rooms, and more in your clinic or hospital with these professional looking signs that can accommodate information that changes on a regular basis.

Create your own custom inserts or contact our customer service team via e-mail at or via phone at (701) 566-3220 if you would like us to create them for you.

Note: When insert is not in sign, insert area will be black (as shown in photos).