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Family Restroom Signs - ADA Braille

Price: $70.00
ADA Compliant Family Restroom Sign with Tactile (Raised) Text and Grade 2 Braille

Premium Braille ADA Family Restroom Signs

ADA compliant family restroom signs (1/8" thick) are the perfect solution for marking the family-friendly restrooms in your clinic, hospital, or medical office. Each sign includes grade 2 braille, 1/32" tactile (raised) text and graphics.

Standard signs are 6"W x 9"H with raised Man, Woman and Child graphics and RESTROOM text. These come with the option to include the wheelchair graphic for family bathrooms that are also accessible and are available in a variety of two-color combinations including brushed metal-looking acrylic and wood-like finishes.

If you require a size or style not listed here, please contact us at or via phone at (701) 566-3220 with all of your details.

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Medical Office Signs

Round restroom signs with black stand offs
Round Braille Restroom Signs with Stand Offs - 9.5"
Price: $95.00
Round Braille Restroom Signs with Stand Offs - 9.5"
Round, ADA braille restroom signs in an elegant frosted material with black or silver stand off mounting offer a contemporary look for any medical facility. Customize with any tactile graphics needed at no extra charge.
Wooden Restroom Sign with Braille
Round Wood ADA Braille Restroom Signs
Price: $66.00
Round Wood ADA Braille Restroom Signs
9.5 inch round 1/4 inch thick pressed walnut wood restroom signs with ADA grade 2 braille and raised ash-colored tactile text/graphics are a modern option for labeling restrooms. Available with any restroom graphics you require.
Economical Braille Restroom Signs
Economy Restroom Signs - ADA Braille
Price: $17.00
Economy Restroom Signs - ADA Braille
8 x 8 inch ADA compliant black economy restroom signs with grade 2 braille and white tactile text/graphics are a cost effective solution for labeling the restrooms in your medical facility.
Restroom Signs - Wood, Curved
Curved ADA Braille Restroom Signs - with Wood
Price: $90.00
Curved ADA Braille Restroom Signs - with Wood
Curved Contemporary Restroom Sign - 8"W x 8.1875"H with 2" tall sign divider area (main graphic area is 6" tall). Restroom signs with premium wood-tone overlays and ADA braille.
Braille Restroom Signs ADA Grade 2 Braille
Braille Restroom Signs- ADA Grade 2
Price: From $69.00 to $72.00
Braille Restroom Signs- ADA Grade 2
8x8" Braille restroom signs with grade 2 ADA braille. Stylish restroom signs with tactile graphics and lettering and ADA braille dots. Stylish braille office signs for medical and health care. Sturdy 1/8" thick braille signs.
ADA Braille Staff Only Restroom Sign with Grade 2 Braille and Tactile Text
ADA Braille STAFF ONLY Restroom Sign
Price: $71.00
ADA Braille STAFF ONLY Restroom Sign
7 x 9 inch ADA braille STAFF ONLY RESTROOM signs can be customized with your choice of tactile restroom graphics and include the corresponding 1/32 inch tactile text and grade 2 braille. Plates are 1/8 inch thick acrylic.