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Black MED Sliding Sign

Price: $63.00
Medical Office Signs Sliding
Medical Office Signs SlidingCustom Slider Signs and Sliding Office Signs for Medical Facilities
Item Number: 0210-MED
Configuration: SILVERHelvNOMOUNT

Sliding Office Door Signs

Display the availability of any medical room, conference room, hospital office or employee with our 10" Framed slider sign. 2" tall rich black architectural metal frame with customizable nameplates. Choose between 4 metal plate colors with a sliding black tab.

Personalize the left and/or right-hand side of your signs at no extra cost. If personalizing only ONE side the sign will display ALL BLACK when closed or not in use. If you choose, you may customize BOTH the left and right sides of your sign (If you choose to personalize the left & right sides then one side of your message will display at all times and the black slider tab will cover exactly one half of the length of your sign messages.) Use the personalization fields below to customize the signage any way you like.

Black frame with black top slider plate.

GSA Conference Room Slider Signs & Sliding In Session Office Signs for health care offices, executive meetings, doctors offices, clinics and demanding professionals

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Personalize BOTH the Left & Right Sides (Black Slider TAB covers HALF of sign at any time)

Personalize Left Side ONLY (Sign is all black when not in use)

Personalize Right Side ONLY (Sign is all black when not in use)
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Medical Office Signs

Plastic Slider Signs
Executive Gold Sliding Office Conference Room Sign
Price: From $60.00 to $76.00
Executive Gold Sliding Office Conference Room Sign
Premium sliding office signs and medical conference room signs with a sliding tab to display room availability. Rich gold or silver lettering to enhance any professional office or doctor's office. Never guess again if your conference room is occupi