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ADA Braille Elevator Jamb Number Sign

Personalize the text for your sign. Use exact punctuation and indicate any line breaks with a "/" mark.
Indicate which floor in your building is the main entry level where the closest accessible exit can be found and we will automatically include the required star symbol

Customizations Total: $0.00

ADA compliant square 4" x 4" elevator jamb number signs (1/8" thick) with grade 2 braille and 1/32" tactile (raised) text and graphics can be customized to include any floor number you need, along with the star symbol for the main entry level with the closest accessible exit.

Mark the elevators in your hospital, clinic or medical facility with these professional looking ADA braille elevator jamb number signs - available in a variety of color combinations including metal-like and wood-tone finishes.

If you require a size or style not listed here, please contact us at or via phone at (701) 566-3220 with all of your details.