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Round Wood ADA Braille Restroom Signs

Customize your restroom sign text (standard text reads “RESTROOM” for unisex signs and "MEN" or "WOMEN" for single gender signs). Limit your text to 8 characters to comply with ADA regulations.

Cool Wood Restroom Signs with Braille

9.5" round walnut pressed wood restroom signs (1/4" thick) with grade 2 braille and tactile ash-colored text and graphics (1/32") are a trendy option for marking restrooms in your hospital, clinic, or office building.

Choose from a variety of graphics for men's bathroom signs, women's restroom signs or unisex bathroom signs. Tactile wheelchair graphics are also available on any sign for accessible restrooms.

If you have any questions or require assistance, contact our customer service team via e-mail at or via phone at (701) 566-3220.

Note: This product is not compliant with California braille requirements.

Cool Restroom Signs - ADA compliant bathroom braille signs & family restroom signs are ideal for architects, builders and contractors.

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